Velan Steam Traps are factory set to discharge condensate below saturated steam temperature, to save energy up to 30% and no further adjustment is required provided the trap is properly selected based on capacity. To change the discharge temperature you must turn the regulating nut of the temperature controller towards the bottom of the trap to increase the differential temperature or away from the bottom of the trap to decrease the differential temperature. The movement of the regulating nut is transferred directly without friction to the trap valve and the free movement of the valve is increased or decreased accordingly. The result of the setting can be determined by checking the condensate's temperature with a Velan thermometer installed on the trap. Other used for the temperature controller are:

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  • Excessive back pressure can be compensated for by turning the controller away from the trap bottom.
  • If condensate is backed up, a faster rate of discharge is obtained by turning the controller away from the trap bottom, increasing the valve clearance.
  • If the trap leaks steam, and the seating faces are not dirty or damaged, turning the controller towards the trap bottom will reduce the valve clearance thus slowing the trap response time, preventing steam loss.