The VELAN® TSF Series steam trap is used for low capacity applications such as drip and tracing, and economically combines steam trap, check valve and strainer (with optional blow-off valve) in a small profile with a convenient 4-bolt cover for easy maintenance.

Pressure Ranges

  • 0-200 psig
  • 0-485 psig

Size Ranges

  • 1/2"
  • 3/4"
  • Forged A105 carbon steel body and cover.
  • Maximum body design condition: ANSI/ASME class 400
  • Pressure assisted fail-open design.
  • WILL NOT PLUG due to copper and iron oxides in the system. Condensate flashes on the discharge side of the orifice.
  • Discharges hot condensate in a modulating fashion at approximately 18ºF (10ºC) below saturation temperature throughout the operating range. One internal element for all pressure ranges.
  • Unaffected by water hammer or superheat.
  • Self draining - WILL NOT FREEZE when installed in gravity draining position.
  • Automatically vents air and non-condensable gases and has a high (7:1) cold water capacity for rapid start-up.
  • Operates with ZERO STEAM LOSS throughout its operating range saving steam and money during the life of the trap.
  • Can be installed in any position.
  • Internal stainless steel strainer, with optional blow-off valve.
  • Integral check valve design.
  • The advanced cage unit design in Velan steam traps combines a bimetal element, hardened Rc 58 min. ball valve and STELLITE6® hardfaced seat area all in one factory-tested unit.